Outdoor Experience Sweden

Canoe & SUP rental

Rent our two-person canoe or our SUP(s) and go on a trip of your choosing; where you want and when you want.
We offer flexibility through personal service.

Canoe rental

Canoe trip on lake

A two person, light weight canoe that is great for a day out on a lake. Bring your picnic basket or fishing rod and enjoy the tranquility on the water.

Rental includes:
  • Two person canoe and paddles
  • One waterproof bag (20 liters)
  • Lifejackets
  • 350 sek per day*
  • +500sek deposit

SUP rental

Our touring SUPs are great for beginners as well as the more experienced SUP users to enjoy a day on the water.

Rental includes:
  • SUP and paddle
  • One waterproof bag (10 liters)
  • 300 sek per day per SUP*
  • +500sek deposit per SUP

Is it your first time supping and do you want some instructions? We offer an introduction lesson for 250 sek at the beginning of you SUP adventure.

Location and packages

You can rent the canoe and/or SUPs at Humsjön. Ring or text us which day and time you want to rent and we will get it ready for you (depending on availability).
Do you want to take a tour on a bigger lake? We can transfer the canoe or SUPs to a place of your choosing.
Transfer: 10 sek per km (one way)
Max 40km from Humsjön
Do you want to rent the canoe and SUPs? Then you get a nice discount
Canoe + 2 SUPs for 850 sek per day*
Canoe + 3 SUPs for 1100 sek per day*
* max 8 hours

Canoe/SUP and cooking

Combine a beautiful trip on lake Trehörningen with an outdoor cooking experience and enjoy a special day in nature.

Starting time: depending on availability of you and us

Duration: 2 hours on the water and circa 3 hours of cooking and eating

Price: 1250sek (2 persons) and 250 sek for every additional person.

Contact us to discuss the details!