Outdoor Experience Sweden

The story behind the experiences

Värmland’s endless forests and beautiful lakes provide the perfect scenery for enjoying nature and all it has to provide. There are countless hiking trails and nice little shelters where you can take a rest and light a fire.
But which trails are the most rewarding ones? Where to find those shelters? What do you need to be carrying to make the most of it? These are the questions that many visitors to this beautiful piece of our planet stumble upon. This is exactly where we would like to help and guide the wanderers.
We understand that it’s not always easy to find the right trail for you or to start a trip without knowing what to expect. We also know that it can be difficult to know what you might need to make the most out of a hike and that buying equipment you might only use once – because what if hiking turns out not be your thing – isn’t appealing to everybody. So let us fill the gaps and be your guides.
We have been on amazing, challenging and sometimes even disappointing hikes in this region and learned something new on every single one of them. Our dream is to share these experiences with all who seek to explore, learn about, be amazed by and most importantly to enjoy nature. Come join us on a trip to never forget!
See you in the forest,
Eszter, Roos and furry friend Molly